Who do you want to work with?

Many of the Medicare solicitation phone calls you get come from massive call centers from all over the country.  These call centers are staffed with hundreds of hourly employees.  For most of these employees, Medicare is a job, not a career.  When you choose to work with this type of Medicare insurance agency you might not receive the service you’re looking for.

For example, you may experience the following when you call them:

  • The person you originally talked to is no longer working there
  • Inconsistent Medicare expertise determined by who answers your phone call
  • Your agent is working off of a script
  • Multiple prompts and questions to figure out who you are

Additionally, your Medicare insurance plan isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of insurance. For example, if you enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan, you will receive annual rate increases.  This means that at some point, regardless of which insurance carrier you started with, you will be in a position of being overcharged for your supplement.

Also, if you enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, your plan will change each year.  You need to know if your plan is still the best available.

Are you going to get the customer service you need throughout your Medicare years from a large call center that needs a constant supply of new clients to pay the salaries of their hundreds of employees?

We are different...

If you’re looking for professional, personalized service from a local Medicare broker in Kansas, you have come to the right place.  KS Medigap is large enough to offer all available Medicare products from over 15 different insurance carriers, but is small enough to give you the quick and convenient access to information you desire.

You will establish a relationship with the owner of KS Medigap, Scott Macrorie, upon your initial consultation.  From that point on, Scott will be your contact person for all your needs through your Medicare years.  You will have Scott’s direct line, a line that rings to his cell phone if he is out of the office.

Although a vast majority of business in conducted over the phone, we realize that some folks like to meet face to face.  We are more than willing to travel to your home or your local coffee shop and discuss Medicare.

We'd love a chance to earn your business!
You can call or text us at 913-717-6782.